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Stock Card – An Intuitive and Accessible Stock Analysis Tool

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Stock Card is an intuitive and accessible stock analysis tool that is perfect for new investors and aspiring traders. It simplifies the complexities of stock analysis by categorizing stocks by four distinct categories. Users can then select stocks that fit each category. This tool is also useful for experienced investors, as it helps cut through the noise and helps people make the right investment decision.

There are two main types of stock cards: a Work-From-Home theme and a Risk-Taking theme. Work-From-Home themes show stocks that are ideal for investors who are looking for high dividends without taking too much risk. A Risk-Taking theme shows stocks that are a good bet for investors who are interested in risky investments. A popular on Stock Card tab shows stocks that are reporting earnings today. Another tab is All Stock Cards and shows all available stocks.

The Investor Sentiment card uses a variety of technical indicators, including Relative Strength Index and Chaikin Money Inflow. It also uses technical indicators such as the Simple Moving Average. It uses both technical and fundamental indicators to determine the direction of a stock. Users can even add their own strategies to the Stock Card, if they wish.

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