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Qatar World Cup Villages Open to Fans

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Thousands of World Cup fans from England and Wales are preparing to make the pilgrimage to Qatar to watch the biggest sporting event in the world. With the tournament set to begin next week, many have already booked their accommodation. But there is still plenty of room for fans to make their own way to Doha. Several fan villages are open to everyone, but many have a limited number of cabin-style rooms.

For those fans who want to make their own way to Doha, there are eight fan villages to choose from. The villages offer both cabin-style and camping options. These accommodations include bed linen and towels. They also provide fans with a fridge and two bottles of water a day. The fan villages are located close to the stadiums and are only a short commute from the airports.

For a night’s accommodation, fans can choose from a variety of twin or twin deluxe rooms, or opt for a glamping tent that is similar in price. Other options include a safari in the desert and a guided tour of northern Qatar. The tour costs $700 per person.

Fan villages are expected to fill up quickly, with the first group stage matches taking place next week. However, a report from Human Rights Watch has said that migrant workers who have been working on the 2022 FIFA World Cup project have been killed since construction began. While the Gulf nation has steadfastly denied the allegations, the Guardian reported that at least 6,500 people had died during the construction process.

Fan Village Cabins Free Zone, located 20 minutes from downtown Doha, is one of the largest sites available to fans. Those who stay here can watch matches on an outdoor screen. The cabins cost $200 per night, but a board is included with the price. They are located in a large car park in an area that is about a 40-minute commute from stadiums.

Fans can also stay at the Rawdat Al Jahhaniya accommodation base, which is located close to the Ahmad bin Ali stadium. This base is home to hundreds of sea containers, and is expected to house dozens of England and Wales fans. However, fans cannot expect the amenities that are promised, such as a fitness center and tennis court. This base costs around $330 a night for two people.

Fans who want to make their way to Doha can take a shuttle flight every day. There are more than 500 shuttle flights per day, which alleviates concerns about a lack of accommodation.

Fans who do not have tickets can also visit the Katara cultural village, which features lush gardens and an opera house. Regular artistic performances will also be held in the village.

Fans can also stay in portacabins, which are arranged in long, straight rows. Each cabin is equipped with a refrigerator, bed sheets, and bath towels. The portacabins are situated close to a bus stop, metro station, and temporary convenience store. The fan village has more than 6,000 portacabins, with a maximum capacity of 12,000 people.

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