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Qatar to Host 2022 FIFA World Cup

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Despite the fact that Qatar is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the tournament will only be played over a shortened time frame of 29 days. During the tournament, 64 matches will be played in eight different venues in five different cities. Considering the fact that the 2022 FIFA World Cup is the second FIFA World Cup to be held in Asia following the 2002 tournament in South Korea, it represents a clear indication of the diminishing influence of European nations in the game of football.

In the ten years since FIFA first decided to hold the world cup in the Middle East, the region has been on a whirlwind of change. Aside from the fact that the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been moved to the middle of the European domestic league schedule, the move has also had the effect of eliminating the traditional summer heat of the Gulf. It’s been an uphill battle for European clubs, and while the move has given Qatar a chance to showcase its best players, it’s not going to do much to improve their chances of achieving World Cup glory.

In a bid to prove its mettle, FIFA has put together a number of high-tech stadiums and stadium-like venues, as well as a number of marketing and promotional schemes to get the public into the heart of the action. While there is no question that Qatar has the resources to host a top-notch tournament, its footballers are hardly the best in the world. In fact, the best team in the tournament is still France. Considering France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it’s surprising that the UAE has managed to pull off the elusive feat of getting into the World Cup tournament.

The biggest draw is the country’s ability to produce quality players, but even the most renowned footballers aren’t immune to injury. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played in five different cities, but the capital city of Doha will host the most games. Although the tournament will be a showcase for the region’s talent, it will also represent the end of an era. After the tournament, the 32 teams will move on to the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which will also be played in five different cities. While the 2026 FIFA World Cup is certainly a worthy contender, it will be difficult to match the success of the 2022 edition. In the meantime, the best players are staying in Europe and the Middle East. The country is also in the news for human rights violations, migrant abuses, and corruption. While these allegations may not be the ugliest of things to say about a country, they are unsurprising in the context of their history.

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