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Paul Brown and Gallery 63

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Gallery 63 is a family-owned auction house. They attract buyers with luxury items and elite brands. During their auctions, they often feature items that have been in the Jimmy Carter presidential collection. Other items for sale include a 1950s spy watch with voice recordings.

The show also features Elijah Brown, Paul’s son, who works part time at Gallery 63. Elijah is encouraged by his father to get into the family business. He occasionally helps during the auctions.

Paul Brown started working at his father’s auction house in 1989. He initially did not want to work in the auction business. He worked at a car wash before taking the job. He thought the call from California was a sales call.

He bought Gallery 63 in 2005. He started working there part-time and eventually bought the business. He has been on a number of TV shows since then. He has also been involved in developing the GAC’s Endless Yard Sale. He has also appeared on Auction Kings.

Auction Kings is a new show on the Discovery Channel. It airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm. It features the auctions held at Gallery 63. There are three plots in each episode: the first involves the staff preparing for the auction, the second involves the staff collecting items, and the third involves the auction. Most episodes end with a finagling or altercation.

The production crew has been at Gallery 63 almost every day since February. They’re joined by an eight to 10-member crew. They have three story lines in a 22-minute show.

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