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Naked Brand Group (NAKD) Stock Review

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The Naked Brand Group (NAKD) is a swimwear and apparel company. It was founded on May 11, 2017, in Auckland, New Zealand. The company’s stock has increased considerably in recent months. In June of this year, it reached a high of $1,136. Recently, the company closed its Bendon retail stores, focusing on its online business.

Although NAKD is trading low after hours, it could still increase in the coming days. A potential merger announcement with Cenntro Automotive could push NAKD stock to a new high. If NAKD does announce a merger, however, it may experience some volatility. In the meantime, the company may look to recoup some of its losses.

Analysts’ forecasts are not always accurate, and NAKD stock could go up or down depending on the company’s fundamentals. For example, if the company has recently acquired a rival, the stock might rise more than seventy percent. Similarly, if it is undergoing a merger, NAKD stock may fall to a lower price. If you’re an investor who likes volatile stocks, NAKD may be worth considering.

Despite this volatility, Naked Motor Company stock has increased 74% this year. And while 2022 should be a quieter year, it’s not impossible that it could drop back down again. The company will merge with Cenntro Automotive next year. But because the car business has inherent volatility and noise, it’s possible that the company will face a downturn next year.

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