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LEDS Stock Review

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LEDS is a stock that is trading at a low float and on low volume. However, it is holding a fairly steady trend. LEDS’ uptrend and downtrend are converging into a wedge, and a break of the 4.00 support level should set up an easy run to the 4.25 range. However, the current downtrend resistance of 4.35 may put a stop on the upside. For traders looking to enter a swing trade, LEDS is a good choice. Moreover, all the moving averages are below the current price, creating a solid setup.

The stock of SemiLEDS Corporation gained 2.30% on its last trading day, rising from $2.61 to $2.67. This is its sixth consecutive day of gains. This stock’s price has risen by 8.98% over the past two weeks. It has experienced volatile price movement during the past week, fluctuating between a day low of $2.50 and a day high of $2.69.

SemiLEDs Corporation manufactures light emitting diodes and other lighting components. Its products include green, blue, and ultraviolet LEDs. Its products are used for general lighting and specialty industrial applications. The company also offers LED chips, LED modules, and lighting systems. These products are sold to packagers and end-users.

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