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Among the many conglomerates that make up Nigeria’s economy, Ketron Investment is a standout. The company has been in business for nearly sixteen years and has a robust track record in the food and beverage sector. The company is a savvy aesthete, and has demonstrated a knack for turning out quality products at affordable prices. Its marquee brands include Shoprite and IGA. Ketron is on track to make a profit this year, with a solid operating margin of over 80%. Ketron is a family run business and is led by a trio of savvy businessmen. In the food and beverage sector, Ketron has a foothold in 11 states, with over 25 outlets across the country. It is currently in the process of securing regulatory approval to sell its Nigerian operations.

Ketron’s latest foray into the food and beverage industry is a logical extension of its existing operations, and the company plans to build on its strengths to drive continued growth. As a result, the company is currently in the midst of an aggressive product development strategy, and will be looking to add to its formidable roster. In the short term, the company plans to introduce more Nigerian made products to its stores. In the longer term, the company plans to open more stores and expand its existing fleet of vehicles.

One of Ketron’s first forays into the food and beverage business has been the opportunistic acquisition of Shoprite’s Nigerian operations. As for the company itself, it plans to hold on to its core business for the foreseeable future, with an eye on the long-term future of the country.

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