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Hurley Auctions Review

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Hurley Auctions is a small family business with a big reputation. The business started out as a modest operation and has since grown to become one of the industry leaders. They offer a variety of services that make them an excellent choice for your next auction. Their services range from buying and selling a variety of collectibles to auctioning off large estates.

While most auctions focus on real estate, Hurley Auctions also sells a variety of personal property and commercial equipment. Their services are also available for corporate liquidations, estate homes, and appraised property. In fact, the company has handled the sale of millions of dollars’ worth of assets. While the company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, they also have a large presence in the Southeast.

Hurley Auctions offers a full range of auction services, including full-service auctioneers, consultants, field agents, and administrative staff. This allows them to handle all aspects of an auction including cataloging inventory, cleaning and storing the items, advertising, collecting payments, and cleaning the premises. It also handles all aspects of the auction process, from marketing to pickup and delivery.

Unfortunately, the process is not perfect. The company has lost some buyers and had to refund them. In addition, the process is long and expensive. It is not uncommon for an auction to run for days or even weeks, and buyers may not get their desired items. This can make it difficult for buyers to make a successful bid, which is why Hurley auctions is a good choice for those with a large amount of disposable income.

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