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How Much Is Top Glove Stock Worth?

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Top Glove Corporation Berhad (NYSE:TG) is a Malaysian company that manufactures rubber gloves and other medical supplies. It also specializes in dental dams and face masks. It operates manufacturing facilities in China, Thailand, and Malaysia. In addition to manufacturing gloves, Top Glove Corporation has factories in China and Thailand.

The company’s product is exported to around 195 countries. It has over 1,600 customers. It has seven distribution hubs around the world. North America is the company’s largest market. It accounts for around 18% of the company’s total volume. In fiscal 2020, the US had the highest per capita consumption of gloves, at 300 pieces per person. The rest of the world consumes less than nine pieces per person.

The company’s recent share price decline has sent shares of Top Glove to their lowest level since September 2016. The company’s shares have been suffering from a fall in the market due to oversupply and the sharp decline in average selling price. Despite these problems, Top Glove was a darling during the pandemic and is currently the second-most-traded stock in Malaysia, after PT Resources Holdings Bhd.

As a result, analysts have downgraded their earnings forecasts for Top Glove stock. Some expect growth of the company’s total sales revenue and earnings per share, while others expect the company’s ASPs to decline. The company’s share price has dropped more than 73% in the past year.

The top glove stock price provides the clearest indication of what the market expects of the company. It also allows investors to determine how much it is worth. The market value is simply the price of a Top Glove share multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. If you’re looking to invest in Top Glove stock, you’ll want to know more about the enterprise value of the company.

The company is the world’s largest natural rubber glove maker, with over 195 countries in its international trade. It produces latex and nitrile gloves, and provides them for the manufacturing, health care, and industrial markets. Its management structure is organized in five segments. Its products are made with three different materials: latex, vinyl, and nitrile.

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