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Financial Literacy is an Important Skill to Have

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Financial literacy is an important skill to have. In Canada, financial literacy month is celebrated every November. The United States recognized it in 2004. Its purpose is to promote financial education and healthy financial habits. To achieve these goals, financial literacy programs are held in schools and communities throughout the country. In addition to helping individuals, these programs also encourage businesses to educate their employees. Financial literacy is an important skill to have and is an important part of being financially successful.

Financial literacy can be hard to achieve for some people. The lack of financial education often leads to poor decision-making and behavior, and can limit a household’s ability to reach financial goals. You can start by becoming financially literate and getting involved in the financial literacy movement. You can contact your local bank and ask them about activities taking place in your community. The Community Reinvestment Act, passed in 1977, gives banks an incentive to participate in community events.

Financial literacy month has become a national cause. Many organizations, including Jump$tart, are working to promote financial education for youth. In 2003, the US Congress endorsed the idea and passed a resolution to make April Financial Literacy Month. Many state legislatures and mayors also recognize the importance of financial education.

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