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The Financial Aid Login page allows you to view and access your student financial aid account information. Login with your Financial Aid ID and Password. Passwords must be 9 characters long, contain upper and lower case letters, a number, and a special character. You must change your password at least every 180 days. If you change your password more than five times, you’ll have to change it again. In addition, you’ll find a list of documents you need to submit and messages that have been sent to you.

When a parent first uses the financial aid login, they should create a username and password and provide required information. They should also review the privacy policies and ensure that everything matches the data on their student’s FAFSA. Then they will be sent a verification email and prompted to e-sign a document. This document will be stored in the parent’s profile for future use.

The Financial Aid Login is required for the UC Financial Aid Portal. Once you log in, you can view the awards you have been accepted for and those you’ve been rejected for. The Financial Aid Portal is also a great resource for students. Through it, you can find information on all of the resources you need to manage your student financial aid. The Financial Aid Portal is part of the Scholarships and Financial Aid Student Portal, which means you can access it through it. If you need assistance logging into the site, contact Scholarships & Financial Aid.

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