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Fidelity Investments Review

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Fidelity Investments is an American multinational financial services company. It was previously known as Fidelity Management & Research (FMR). The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts. It has a diverse portfolio of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. The company provides clients with investment advice and management.

While most brokerages charge fees and commissions for trading, Fidelity does not. In fact, the company pays nominal interest on cash held in customer accounts. This makes it a good choice for investors, since it means fewer fees to pay. Moreover, investors can reinvest dividends without incurring additional expenses.

Fidelity also offers an automatic investing feature, which lets you invest cash automatically. This feature works with a variety of accounts, including HSAs, retirement accounts, and health savings accounts. To enroll in automatic investments, go to the Fidelity Scheduled Transfers page. Select the funds you want to invest, and follow the instructions.

Fidelity offers a wealth management website and apps to help investors understand and manage their accounts. These websites contain wealth management resources, as well as financial education and webinars. Users can also sign up for a free trial of some of these tools to help them learn more about investing. The Fidelity Investor Center also offers a variety of financial education resources, including online courses.

When choosing a mutual fund, consider the objectives, risks, and expenses. Review the fund’s prospectus to understand its risks and expenses. Also, keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future results. Once you’ve made an informed decision, contact Fidelity to request a prospectus.

Fidelity has excellent research and asset screening tools. Users can screen stocks, ETFs, fixed income, ESG themes, and more. You can even build watch lists and use customizable indexes to help customize your portfolio. This feature is especially useful if you’re new to investing. The Fidelity website is easy to use and offers free online tools.

Fidelity is one of the “Big 5” investment asset managers. They have an award-winning online platform, no-fee trading, and low margin rates. Investors looking for a low-risk option should check out Fidelity Investments index funds. These funds have zero expense ratios and are a great choice for beginners.

Ned Johnson is a billionaire investor. He inherited his father’s business and became president of Fidelity Investments in 1972. The firm now manages more than $1.2 trillion in assets. It is a privately held company that is still controlled by his family. According to Forbes magazine, the Johnsons are among the richest families in the United States.

Fidelity offers comprehensive investment services for beginners and retirement investors. It also offers managed and self-directed investment options. Another unique feature is the ability to split your portfolio into several different investments.

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