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Facebook Stock Price During the 2016 US Election

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During the 2016 US election, Facebook stock price dropped sharply. The US election was marred by allegations of Russian influence, and Facebook was accused of selling advertising to the Russian government. This led to a massive investigation. The social media giant later acknowledged that it had invested $80,000 in Russian advertising, which violated its rules. The news dragged down FB shares, and its value sank by nearly twenty percent.

The stock is vulnerable to volatility and day traders can make huge profits by speculating on its price. The company’s outlook remains positive, and the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, still has many grand plans for the future of the company. In October 2021, Facebook will change its name to Meta, and its business will be split into two segments.

The company’s stock is still owned by Yacktman’s fund, but it has not added to its holdings in recent months. As a result, the market sees Meta as a cash sinkhole and a Zuckerberg toy. However, it’s worth noting that the company still ranks No. 2 in digital advertising in the US. According to Insider Intelligence, that market will grow 50 percent to $300 billion by 2025.

As of March 2020, Facebook’s stock price started trending upward. The trend continued until August 2021, when it reached 384 USD. The stock price broke out of the lower border of the peak zone. However, it did not stay there for long. It then experienced a long term correction. After the long term correction, it will sharply enter the trend base zone. This means that the future value of Facebook will decrease.

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