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Elan Financial Services Credit Cards

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Elan Financial Services is a credit card company. They manage more than one hundred and sixty-six co-branded credit cards. They also offer mortgage line of credit products. Their credit cards may appear on your credit reports and appear as “Elan Financial Services.” You can dispute this on your report by writing to the creditor or the credit bureaus.

If you have an account with Elan Financial Services, you should know that it may affect your credit score. This is because the company can appear on your credit report as an authorized user. Although authorized users are not responsible for paying the credit card bill, their actions may negatively affect your credit score. To avoid these problems, it’s best to check with your credit report every six months.

The Elan Financial Services brand is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp and has over one thousand client companies in the U.S. The company issues credit cards for credit unions and banks, as well as for consumers. Their portfolio includes consumer and business cards and rewards cards for some retailers. They work with more than one hundred and thirty financial institutions nationwide and own several cards on both Visa and Mastercard.

Elan Financial Services collects and analyzes credit data by various methods, including public records and information obtained from creditors. It is a member of the National Consumer Reporting Association and the Consumer Data Industry Association. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. The company also provides credit counseling and dispute resolution services. It also offers bill payment, money transfers, and check cashing.


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