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Edelman Financial Engines is an investment advisory and financial planning firm based in the United States. It has $291 billion in assets under management and 1.3 million clients. The company was formed through a 2018 merger between Financial Engines and Edelman Financial Services. The company provides investment advice for a range of financial situations, including retirement.

Edelman Financial Engines provides financial planning, retirement planning, and consulting services. Its clients include US retirement-plan participants and sponsors, including more than 120 FORTUNE 500 companies. Financial Engines’ services are also available to third-party insurance companies and brokers. Edelman Financial Engines affiliates may receive compensation from insurance companies when referring their clients to those companies.

Edelman Financial Engines also provides financial planning services through other financial institutions, including workplaces and institutions. Clients can access the firm’s online tools and services, and may choose to hire the firm to manage their retirement accounts professionally. They may also opt to hire the firm to manage their non-retirement accounts. This way, they can receive a comprehensive review of their portfolios. The firm may also offer advice on other types of accounts, such as individual retirement accounts.

Edelman Financial Engines is a firm founded on the idea that all American investors should receive personalized financial planning services. The firm now has over 180 planning offices throughout the United States and manages more than $200 billion in assets. Its innovative approach combines advanced methodologies and proprietary technology. The firm combines high touch with high technology to create a highly personalized financial plan for every client.

Edelman Financial Engines offers professional management for defined contribution retirement plans. Its advisers provide advice on the plan and help employees manage their accounts better. Edelman Financial Engines is an excellent choice for clients with investments worth $100,000 and above. Its financial services have earned the company numerous awards and accolades.

Edelman Financial Engines’ webinars are interactive and engaging. The company uses polls and surveys to get viewers actively involved in the learning process. The company also incorporates a built-in appointment scheduler for attendees. Using a webinar can help an enterprise expand its client base and engage prospects.

Edelman Financial Engines charges clients a fee each quarter, which is calculated on the average account balance. Most fees are automatically deducted from the client’s account, but some require authorization. Edelman Financial Engines charges 0.60% of the assets under management, with a lower percentage as the account balance increases. When handling outside accounts, Edelman Financial Engines charges 1.35% of the total asset value, with a minimum quarterly fee of $225.

Edelman Financial Engines recognizes the importance of diversity in the workplace by supporting aspiring financial planners from underrepresented communities. By partnering with the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, the firm supports the development of the next generation of financial planners. In addition to providing professional development, Edelman Financial Engines also awards up to $5,000 in scholarships for employees in underrepresented groups.


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