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Collectibles are items that have sentimental value or are rare in some way. These can be anything from a cameo brooch from the Victorian era to a brass telephone from the 1960s. They also include antiques, collectible cards, coins, and sports memorabilia. Some of the most popular items sold at collectible auctions are autographed photos and baseball cards. Other popular items include vintage advertising, hunting and sporting items, and military collectibles. The prices for these items depend on the importance and rarity of the items being sold.

When purchasing an item at a collectible auction, make sure to do your homework and understand the condition of the collectible you’re interested in. A good auctioneer will evaluate the condition of the collectible and only sell the best items. However, small-scale collectible auctions often feature collectibles that are worn or damaged. In such cases, many buyers assume that they’re getting a bargain.

The price of a rare postage stamp from Canada can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. A single 1868 Canadian stamp, for example, sold for nearly $718,500 at an online auction. A rare 1860s photograph of astronaut John Glenn also fetched a record-setting $28,000 at a collectible auction. And while some collectibles can fetch a few hundred dollars, a rare 1891 Brooks typewriter can go for a whopping $17,778!

Live Auctioneers has been in the collectibles auction business since the early 2000s. In 2002, the company teamed up with eBay to bring the process online. Today, the company facilitates sales from individuals and businesses around the world. It operates in over fifty countries and specializes in all types of collectibles.

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