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Auction Works of Art

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Auction works of art are works of art that have been sold at a public auction. The art pieces are often categorized according to their period of production. Some pieces are considered contemporary, while others fall into a post-war category. Post-war art is often offered alongside other works by contemporary artists. The category used by an auction house will depend on its specific policies and procedures.

Often, the price of art items will vary significantly depending on the condition of the work. Many auction houses will allow prospective buyers to examine each lot prior to the sale. In some cases, buyers will request condition reports, which the auction house will be able to disclose. Buyers are advised to inspect works of art thoroughly before making a purchase.

The art market grew exponentially during the nineteenth century. With the rise of global trade and colonialism, African and Asian artists became increasingly popular. Early American industrialists also joined the ranks of art collectors. In addition, World War II caused a drastic change in the market. Contemporary artists, such as Pollock, became increasingly popular and became the focus of auction houses.

The works of art sold at an auction are listed on the auction site in the online catalogue. There are often details about the previous owner of the works of art. The seller of the works of art may be the artist himself or a gallery that represents him. In addition, the seller of the art must agree to a minimum price, which is known as the reserve price. If the minimum price is not met, the auction house will buy the work at a lower price.

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