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Auction Watches – Buying a Watch at an Auction

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Auction watch prices can be incredibly high, and a few of the best-selling auction watches have achieved million dollar prices. Most lots come in at a lower price than expected, however. Many auctions are held in private, so the actual bidder cannot know how much they are paying. So, it’s important to understand what to expect before you make your bid.

While the thrill of purchasing a watch at auction can be addictive, there are some drawbacks to this process. For one, the rush of adrenaline can make you lose control. After all, you’re not the first person to buy a watch at an auction out of sheer excitement. However, you can rest assured that you’re not alone – it’s completely normal to feel like a complete idiot if you buy a watch at an auction.

Another benefit to using an AuctionWatch addon is that you can easily keep track of your auctions in one place. The AuctionWatch list will appear on the dashboard. You can click on the auction name to view more information. Once you’ve added an auction to your watch list, you can always see it from the “Watch List” page or by accessing “My Stuff” section of the website. You can also delete an auction from your watch list if you want to stop watching it.

One thing you should remember when buying an auction watch is that you can’t judge the value of a watch by the starting price alone. This is because the auction house will likely be stretching the facts. A particular model may sell for a thousand dollars in one auction and $5,000 at another. Regardless of whether the watch is a bargain or not, it’s important to read the details.

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