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Auction Watch – How AuctionWatch Can Help You Buy a Watch at an Auction

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If you’re looking to buy a luxury watch, an auction may be right for you. The process is fast and secure. The auction house takes about 10% of the final price of the watch as their fee, plus a buyer’s premium of up to 30%. Last November, the Antiquorum auction house sold a Rolex Cosmograph for $327,675, plus buyer’s premium.

Attending an auction can be an exhilarating experience. You can try on prospective pieces and hold them in your hands before making a bid. While images on the internet can give you a good idea of how the watch looks, nothing compares to holding it in your hands. Moreover, attending an auction allows you to meet other people and exchange views about the watches you might be interested in.

Auction houses have made great changes to their policies, which have increased the success of their auctions. For instance, the auction houses have been focusing more on the condition and rarity of pieces. In fact, many of the lots they have offered at auction have been in mint condition. As a result, the market followed their trend.

In addition, the AuctionWatch add-on can be useful for keeping track of the number of auctions you’re interested in. You can add auctions to your watch list by clicking on the “Add to Watch List” link on the auction page. You can then view these auctions on your “Watch List” page or in your “My Stuff” section. You can also easily remove auctions from your watch list by clicking on the auction’s name.

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