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Antique Bottle Auctions

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If you love collecting antique bottles and glassware, you may have heard of Antique Bottle Auctions. However, these auctions are not always reputable. Some auction companies have shady business practices, so it is best to avoid them. Some companies don’t pay their sellers, and others skip town without paying sellers.

Antique Bottle Auctions are an excellent way to buy unique bottles. You can find everything from vintage medical bottles to oil and syrup bottles, as well as soda bottles. Collectors also enjoy acquiring pieces that display old advertisements. Many collect advertising pieces from pharmacies and soda fountains. Many auctions also offer buyer satisfaction guarantees.

One example of an 1865 Bitters bottle is found in the Don Dwyer collection. This bottle was probably labeled as Hygienic Bitters, Selene Bitters, or other brand names. The ABA is only selling this bottle twice. Another example of an Indian Bitters bottle is from Dr. Wonser’s collection, made in the USA. It is a chocolate amber color and features the letters “U.S.A.” The embossed inscription also features the name of the doctor.

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