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Adidas Releases 2022 FIFA World Cup Ball

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Earlier this month, Adidas presented its official World Cup ball for the next tournament in Qatar. Named the Al Rihla, the ball is inspired by the Qatari culture and is made with water-based glues and inks. It is claimed to be the fastest ball in the tournament’s history. In addition to speed, the ball is said to improve accuracy. It will also feature a new Connected Ball Technology that will provide precise ball data in real time. It will also enable fast offside calls, according to the company.

Adidas is a long-time partner of FIFA, and the company has been producing World Cup balls since 1970. This is the 14th consecutive year that it has made an official World Cup ball. In the last four years, the company has released a volleyball and a soccer ball for the tournament. Its soccer ball, the Slazenger Challenge 4-Star, won the 1966 World Cup. It also won the 2010 World Cup, but the ball was criticized because of unpredictable aerodynamics.

The Al Rihla ball features a 20-panel design, which helps it travel faster. The ball also features CRT-CORE, a technology that provides maximum rebound accuracy. It also features a pearlescent white base, which represents the booming pearl industry in Qatar. It is also the first World Cup ball to be made entirely with water-based glues and inks.

The Al Rihla ball will travel faster than any other World Cup ball in history. It is also claimed to be the most accurate World Cup ball to date. Its aerodynamics are said to improve accuracy and swerve. It is also a water-based, eco-friendly ball. Its design is inspired by the flag of Qatar and iconic boats of the country.

The official 2022 FIFA World Cup ball will be available exclusively through Adidas stores until April 12th. It will then be available through independent retailers. Its in-game debut will take place on November 21st, but the ball will also be featured in other matches. It will travel to ten major cities, including Mexico City, Tokyo, and New York, where it will be introduced to fans.

The Al Rihla soccer ball features surface debossing, a pearlescent background, and micro- and macro-textures. It also features a CRT-CORE that provides maximum speed, rebound accuracy, and aerodynamics. In addition, the ball has a thermally-bonded seamless construction. It weighs 420 grams. It will feature an embedded sensor that will enable accurate offside calls.

The Al Rihla ball will also be the first World Cup ball to feature Connected Ball Technology. This will provide unprecedented levels of ball data. The technology will allow accurate offside calls, support the VAR system, and help increase the amount of data available to referees. The ball will also be equipped with a rechargeable battery that does not affect performance. It will also feature a 500Hz inertial measurement unit motion sensor that sends out data 500 times a second.

The Al Rihla is expected to be the official ball for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Its design is a tribute to the Qatari culture and is inspired by the flag of the country.

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